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If your racing mind is preventing a good night’s rest, our award-winning Deep Relax concoction contains grounding Vetiver, soothing Camomile and Sandalwood to help you switch off … and subsequently drift off. These 3 indulgent wellbeing wonders are packed in a luxe branded vegan washbag so you can take your bedtime ritual with you on the go. 


To prepare for your best night's sleep, relax into a soothing soak using our award-winning Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil (9ml).

Then envelop your body with our luscious Deep Relax Body Butter (50ml), hand-blended with nourishing Velvet Flower and Gotu Kola oil, to leave skin deeply supple and hydrated.

Follow up with a few gentle spritz of our comforting Deep Relax Sleep Mist (10ml) onto your bed linen and pyjamas.